About us


History of Greif company
The factory was found in 1909 as a branch of the foundry Kölsch & Co. located in Siegen (Westphalia, Germany). It was a foundry and turning factory for industrial use as well as for steel mills, non-ferrous metal mills, grain mills, dye-house mills and others. 
After 1945 a rapid development of chemical industry started in the region and in 1950 several rather small drum and packaging production sites were merged into our factory. Our factory achieved a major steel drum manufacturer position in Czechoslovakia under the name MEVA n.p. then. In 1965 our factory became a part of the SFINX n.p. group and in 1993 it was privatised by the multinational packaging producer Royal Packaging Industries Van Leer B. V.


Greif company today

Today we are one of the factories of the world leader in industrial packaging products and services, Greif Inc.with headquarters in Ohio, USA.

Greif Czech Republic s.r.o. makes continuous efforts for the achievement and strengthening of the leading position in local and export markets. Over 50% of our production is exported to other countries of EU, our products comply with the valid national legislation and environmental regulations in accordance with the UN recommendations specified in Transports of dangerous goods.