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Successful recertification of the management system
On 26.-.27.5.2022 the company was successfully recertified by the auditing company 3EC International, s.r.o. and defended the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certificates for the next 3 years.
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Open Head Drum N

Drum for loose and pasty materials
(100, 115 a 120 litres)

Open Head Drum N can be delivered uncoated or with external coating, they can be also manufactured from doubleside hot-dip galvanized steel sheets.

General Description

  • Protection of the external surface is ensured with environment-friendly water based paint that meets all legislative requirements
  • Drums with raw surface of the interior are suitable for packaging products that do not react with steel
  • Steel drums production complies with strict UN regulations for packing dangerous goods in the packaging groups I/X, II/Y, III/Z

Standard Specification

Steel Sheets

Plain and coated drums are produced from steel sheets FeP01 produced in accordance to EN 10 130 and their properties comply with EN 10 131 and their national equivalents. Galvanized drums are produced from steel sheets DX51D+Z 140 produced in accordance to EN 10142: 1990/A:1995 and their properties comply with EN 10143:1993.


The drums can be supplied with a combination of Tri-Sure® 4S® G2" and G3/4" closures in the lid. Screw closures comply with the international standards of EN ISO 15750-3. Closures can be closed and sealed with Tab-Seal® caps in neutral or customer design. Closure flanges have standard sealing with a high-resistance system of 4S® sealing rings.



Body seam: Continuous resistance weld.


Bottom to body seaming

The seam is done by a safety seaming with sealing material.

Cylindrical Open head Drums - 115l

Lid to body seaming

Drum lids are fixed with a closing ring with lever, which can be secured with a steel/plastic safety plate or with M8 nut and bolt.


Classification according to the type of transport

In compliance with the valid legislation and legislative executive regulations are drums of the Greif company production tested in accordance with the UN recommendations specified in Transports of dangerous goods – Model regulations and the sections of the International Collection for Transportation Chains as RID/ADR/IMDG – Code/ICAO – IATA/ADN.

UN Code marking

The UN code is embossed on the drum bottom and printed on the lower part of the drum body in accordance with international regulations.


The products of Greif Czech Republic a.s. are supplied in accordance with the valid legislation.