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Successful recertification of the management system
On 26.-.27.5.2022 the company was successfully recertified by the auditing company 3EC International, s.r.o. and defended the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certificates for the next 3 years.
Standard conditions of guarantee
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Manufacturing and sales of steel drums including logistics services, are the main activities of the company Greif Czech Republic s.r.o.Our wide range of steel drums meets the demanding regulations and requirements of the petrochemical and chemical industry and, by compliance with additional specific conditions, also meets the requirements of food or pharmaceutical industry. Our products comfortably exceed the requirements of the current legislation related to packaging and waste


Modern technologies of production of drums

Through use of the latest environmentally friendly technologies we produce steel drums according to current regulations for transport and warehousing of dangerous goods according to UN classification. Valid national and international legislation is followed at the same time. This way we can guarantee an optimum protection for a wide portfolio of packed dangerous goods.
Tight Head Drum - 216,5l

Semi-finished products used for drums assembling are made on presses or by cutting. Drum bodies are welded with a longitudinal continuous resistance weld, tops and bottoms of drum are interlocked to drum body by forming rollers.Tops of drums with removable tops are secured with a properly profiled closing ring with lever. Tri-Sure ® closures are installed by pressing the flanges into the drum tops.

The surface finishing is performed by airless spraying of one paint layer. Specific spray nozzles enable also two colour wet painting of the drum body.

The water based paints used contain max. 1% of organic solvents. After wet application the painted drums are cured in efficient ovens heated by natural gas. The investments into the curing ovens enabled us to use only 15% of the allowed emission and pollution limits. Every large 216,5l drum is leak-proof tested by a special in-line device able to detect and isolate drums which are not completely tight.

Steel drums produced by our company fully meet the requirements for environmentally friendly products – from production, through use, up to the end of their 'life-cycle', as the production is supported by technologies and processes creating minimum of waste. The drums are produced with high performance properties by a minimum material consumption; each drum can be recycled to 100% of its weight.

ISO Open Head Drum - 210l

The usage of steel drums

Steel drums produced by Greif Czech Republic s.r.o. comply with the strict UN regulations for packaging of dangerous goods in the groups III./Z or II./Y up toI./X. Our drums meet the requirements of all transportation types and their combinations.
The drums for warehousing and transport of dangerous goods produced by Greif Czech Republic s.r.o. are tested by a specialised authorised third parties, the testing laboratory CIMTO s.p., led by Czech Ministry of Transportation, BAM or T&CPI. The tests are performed according to the methodology and recommendations of the UN for the transports of dangerous goods – Model regulations and international contracts, which specify requirements for various transportation types, as RID/ADR and regulations IMDG – Code/ICAO - IATA/ADN.

Greif Czech Republic s.r.o. is a part of Greif Inc. located in USA, which has subsidiaries and production facilities in more than 50 countries all over the world. We are able to manage the supply from other Greif companies by products, which are not in our portfolio.

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